The daily care of infants is centered on cuddling, talking to, playing with, holding, and rocking. These basic nurturing activities help ensure the infant’s healthy emotional attachment as well as assuring them they are safe and loved. We provide a stimulating environment both indoors and out where even the youngest child is able or encouraged to grow and develop physically, emotionally, mentally and socially. Some of the daily activities include singing, dancing, and listening to music, reading, and manipulation of objects to stimulate and improve hand-eye coordination as well as free play on the floor. As the child grows, we encourage increased time in a swing or exersaucer and more time working on rolling over, crawling, sitting up, and eventually pulling up and walking. Time in the baby bed is reserved for sleep hours only and all infants under 6 months are put to sleep on their backs. By 6 months, they start to prefer sleeping on their stomachs and often roll over after being put on their back. Infant’s sleep-time is always closely monitored and staff is well trained on the subject of SIDS as well as Infant/Child CPR and First Aid.

Parents provide diapers, wipes, formula, bottles, baby food, bibs, spoon and bowl (all clearly and permanently labeled).

Every child must have a feeding information chart posted with feeding instructions and other basic information. This is signed and dated by parents and must be updated monthly, or as changes are made.